AQUATrio = Filter + Softener + RO

AQUATrio311Whole House Protection & Peace of Mind

POE (Point of Entry)  Whole-House  AQUATrio

For  Safe, Clean, Pure, Soft Water throughout your Entire Home


CHEMGuard In/Out Series for Reduction of:
Chlorine, Chloramine*, THM’s, Chemicals, VOC’s, Taste & Odor
(Require regarding any other specific known contaminant)


AQXTS230 Touch Screen Pro Series for:
Hardness Minerals, Chalky Film, Scale Deposits, Iron* and More

Stage 3  Reverse Osmosis Purification

AQROSQC75 Gal per Day Quick Change System Removes:
VOC’s, Bacteria, Arsenic, Lead, Viruses, Pharmaceuticals, TDS and More